Flooding in Skibbereen November 19 2009

Footage of the devastation caused to our town last week….filmed by Paul Fahy



2 Responses to “Flooding in Skibbereen November 19 2009”

  1. john mc namara Says:

    Paul, well done on a great report. Our beautiful town once again devastated but not helped at all by the lack of resources,personnel,sandbags etc.However as I write this, Skibbereen this day has been battered again by floodwaters. I find it appalling and inexcusable that when a public meeting was called last month to discuss flooding and possible remedies,that no representative from the engineer’s dept was present.It seems that civil disobedience is the answer; like witholding of rates to bring plutocrats like these to their senses. Townspeople and business people are sick of being treated like morons!!

  2. Susan Barretta Says:

    The front page of the January 9 Southern Star doesn’t look too good either!

    It’s been very hard on the people I know there.

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